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SHURFIT™ was founded by JR Vera (Down2Scrap) and Elmer Tolentino (SmileNOW Dental). The foundation of this company was built on providing high quality protection with the goal of getting it out to the public in a domain that has been filled with low quality inferior products.

JR Vera, founder of Down2Scrap clothing line, is the heartbeat of SHURFIT™. His passion and connection with fans for his brand is instrumental in fueling the demand for our product. His genuine concern for his athletes is the main reason for the strength of his following. His energy and marketing skills is key component in the distribution of our products.

Elmer Tolentino, is the founder of SmileNOW Dental with his wife, Dr. Ethel Cruz. Having provided custom fitted mouth guards at their office for years understand what quality needs to be when it comes to the manufacturing of a mouth guard. They have sent dental impressions to normal dental labs before and understand where they traditionally fall short. Dental office guidance and review just adds validation to principles that this company was founded upon.

It is our mission to provided the highest quality and craftsmanship in all our products. We at SHURFIT™, look forward to earning your business and trust.